COOP Identity History – recent developments since 2012

International Year of Cooperatives 2012

The United Nations support for an International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) in 2012 galvanized the global movement across every region and every sector uniting co-operatives behind a single logo and tagline. Around 4750 users downloaded the IYC logo with 2500 users downloaded the IYC tagline. The International Cooperative Alliance sought to build on the success of the IYC, and the worldwide acceptance of a common visual identity for the Year, and develop a cooperative identity that all cooperatives can align with and which differentiates cooperatives from other forms of business.

A badge for COOPS 2013

Cooperative identity forms a key pillar of the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade as we seek to increase visibility of the co-operative model. 2013 saw the launch of the global Cooperative Marque – the first significant change in the visual identity of the co-operative movement in almost 100 years. It is a clear signal that the co-operative form of enterprise is professional, contemporary and business-like.
Our objective is to create a new image that will become the new global co-operative visual identity, used to provide a ‘promotional umbrella’ and ‘unity of purpose’ for the global co-operative movement.

Brand composition

Led by the core values and brand proposition, the visual identity comprises:
• a logo known as the “Cooperative Marque”
• the slogan “Cooperative enterprises build a better world”
• a font and a colour palette – comprising seven colours
• signature images – a range of seven photographs symbolising the cooperative values and principles across sectors and regions

Get involved

Our aim is for the COOP Identity to become one of the best known ethical marques in the world by 2020. You can apply to use the Marque and get a .coop domain at and get the Cooperative Identity Toolkit here.

Recent Timeline

October 2012 – The Alliance Board (Manchester) agrees to continue to use the UN IYC tagline as its strapline going forward “Cooperative Enterprises Build a Better World”, but the look and feel of how that strapline will be used is still to be determined
January 2013 – Brand Brief issued to 29 worldwide branding and design agencies including representation from every Alliance Region
March 2013 – The Alliance appoints Calverts, a worker cooperative, based in East London to deliver the global cooperative brand with research and support provided by Barcelona- and Buenos Aires-based Guerrini Design Island
March 2013 – The Alliance Board (Moscow) agrees that the Alliance and its entities should become sub-brands of the new global cooperative brand
19th April – 9th May 2013 – Research phase – the Alliance conducted an on-line survey to which 1026 respondents from 86 countries participated
June 2013 – Approval of final visual identity by the Alliance Board (Korea)
July – September 2013 – Development of the colour palette, brand language and sub-brand for the International Cooperative Alliance, its regions and sectoral organisations
September – October 2013 – Development of signature images by BrandOutLoud based in The Hague and the formation of the Brand Guidelines
November 2013 – Launch of the cooperative visual identity at the Alliance Global Conference and General Assembly (Cape Town)
15th January 2014 – 200th Successful applicant for the Marque approved
February 2014 – Alliance Regions and Sectors adopt the Cooperative Marque as part of their own identity and become visual sub-brands of the Alliance
23rd April 2014 – 500th Successful applications in 67 countries for the global Cooperative Marque
6th June 2014 – Cooperative Identity Toolkit launched
October 2014 – 800 Successful applicants from 82 countries announced at the International Summit of Cooperatives in Quebec. Launch of the ‘Communicator’s guide to co-operative identity’
January 2015 – 1000 cooperatives in 91 countries have successfully applied to use the global Cooperative Marque
April 2015- Cooperative identity video launched in English –, French - and Spanish –
May 2015 – The Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Co-operatives (COPAC) adopts the Marque as part of its own visual identity.
June 2015 – 1250 cooperatives in 97 countries using the Marque.
July 2015 – 2nd Version of the Cooperative Marque Guidelines published.