COOP Facts

Over ONE BILLION people are members of a cooperative!

  1. There are 2.6 million cooperatives in the world creating over 250 million jobs.
  2. The largest 300 coops have a turnover of USD 2.53 trillion – greater than the GDP of France, the world’s 6th largest economy.
  3. More than 25% of people in Canada, Finland, Germany, Honduras, New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA belong to a cooperative.
  4. Cooperatives account for between 80% and 99% of milk production in New Zealand, Norway, and the USA.
  5. Financial cooperatives serve over 857 million people or 13% of the world’s population.
  6. The apex body for all cooperatives is the International Cooperative Alliance, established in 1895 it is currently headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.
  7. Cooperatives adhere to a set of values and principles that were first established by the Rochdale Pioneers in 1844.
  8. The Cooperative Marque is the symbol of the co-operative movement and it’s free for all co-ops to use.
  9. Cooperatives have their own namespace on the internet – the .coop domain.