Our cooperative credentials!

We are very proud of our cooperative credentials and unashamedly promote them at every opportunity.  We believe in the Cooperative Values and Principles and do our best to support the cooperative business model:

  1. We provide communications, marketing and event support for the Cooperative Councils’ Innovation Network – 21 councils across the UK
  2. We’re an Associate Member of Chapel Street Studios Chapel Street Studio Cooperative a worker co-operative based in Bradford, which is a member of Co-operatives UK
  3. Nicola is a Board Director of Co-operatives South West the Regional Co-operatives Council for the South West of England
  4. Nicola is a former Non-Executive Director of Revolver World, producers of Award Winning Fairtrade Coffee
  5. Member of the Communications Committee for the International Co-operative Alliance
  6. Nicola co-manages the global LinkedIn pages “Cooperatives” and “Cooperative Communicators” which have 7,000 and 1,200 members respectively from around the world
  7. Nicola is helping to set up a branch of Plough and Share Credit Union in Bovey Tracey, Devon my home town
  8. Member of The Co-operative Group
  9. Member of The Co-operative Party
  10. Member of Cooperative Energy and the Midcounties Cooperative

With almost 7000 cooperatives across the UK operating in every sector and contributing £34bn to the economy it surprises us that cooperatives aren’t more mainstream.  The challenge is that cooperative credentials can be difficult to identify.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to encourage more people to identify a co-operative immediately when they walk along the high street, visit a website, or browse through a publication so that they can choose whether they purchase goods or services from member owned co-operatives or an investor or privately-owned business.

Let us use our cooperative credentials to help promote co-operative identity.